TAC主编、帝国理工学院Alessandro Astolfi教授系列学术报告


        学院邀请到TAC主编、帝国理工学院教授Alessandro Astolfi给我院研究生进行系列学术报告(一共5次),题目是“Stability and stabilisation of nonlinear systems — An introduction”,时间:自9月6日(下周一)起,每隔一周的周一(即9月6号、9月20号、10月4号、10月18号、11月1号)下午北京时间16:00-18:00,腾讯会议号380 3829 9852 (周期会议,每次会议号相同),欢迎博士生、硕士生参加。


Stability and stabilisation of nonlinear systems — An introduction

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the theory of stability and stabilisation for nonlinear systems. 

The course covers the following topics: example of nonlinear systems; existence and unicity of solutions; stability of equilibrium points; linearisation; Lyapunov stability; the invariance principle; converse Lyapunov theorems; perturbed systems; input-to-state stability; feedback linearisation; partial feedback linearisation; backstepping; passivity-based control; control Lyapunov functions; output feedback.